Finding a good swimming pool cleaning service in Phoenix can be a difficult task. There are so many choices for pool cleaning and service. There are large and small pool cleaning companies. Driving around Phoenix you often see pickup trucks with pool cleaning equipment in the back. A lot of people offer swimming pool cleaning and service. How do you know who to choose?

What questions should I ask a pool cleaning service?

You want to find the best pool cleaning and service, but, like most of us you want the service to be affordable. One of the first things you need to do is realize not all pool cleaning company's are the same. Some are large companies' with many employees, insurance, and years of experience. Others may be one person with a truck that cleans a handful of pools. When doing your research to find a good pool cleaner in Phoenix, you should ask the following questions:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Are you insured?
  3. Are you a full service pool cleaning and repair company?
  4. What is your level of experience?
  5. How much do you charge and what does the pool service include?
  6. Do you have reviews and testimonials from customers that I can read?

​Do Your Own Research

After you call and interview some pool cleaning companies' go online and do a Google search for reviews. Google reviews are a great place to start when looking for the best pool cleaning service in Phoenix. Pool cleaning companies with 5 star ratings really tell you they are reputable. Also, go to Facebook and look up the pool service company. Read what people say about their service, look for pictures and videos of the work they do.

What Phoenix pool cleaning company's should know.

Phoenix pool companies should be familiar with the unique climate here in Phoenix and how it effects your swimming pool.

  • For example, Phoenix has a monsoon season, when high winds, rainfall, and dust will effect your pool. You need a pool cleaning company that is highly skilled at keeping the right chemical balance in your swimming pool. A pool can turn green quickly in the heat of Arizona, if the chemicals are not balanced. They should be able to keep your pool's chemicals balanced to avoid this situation.
  • Phoenix is also know for very hard water. Hard water can be the enemy of your swimming pool tile. Cleaning your swimming pool tile is an important thing to do in Phoenix. Your Phoenix swimming pool will probably experience hard water build-up on your swimming pool tile. 
  • The Phoenix pool cleaning service that you choose should know how to properly clean your swimming pool's filter. Make sure they are familiar with your pool's type of equipment before they attempt a repair. You only want a pool cleaning expert working on your pool.
  • Pool cleaning companies should be able to recommend the best products, like  the best pool vacuum, etc. 

You'll find that having an experienced swimming pool cleaning company take care of your pool will really make a difference in how your pool looks, the quality of the water, and the overall experience of owning a pool. For expert pool service and repair  in Phoenix, contact Moorea Pool Care.

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